For Sale Shade
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👀 OVERSIZED FOR SALE SIGN! Perfect option for those looking to sell their car or other vehicle. This oversized For Sale sign will easily show your potential buyer the information you need them to see as quickly as possible.

🚗 QUICK AND EASY SETUP! The For Sale Shade is made with an expandable design that’s quick to setup and place onto your cars windshield when you are parked, and easy to collapse and store when you are driving.

💲 BECOME YOUR OWN CAR SALESMAN! Every For Sale Shade has the price, miles, year, model and contact number available for you to fill in. Bigger than the smaller signs to make sure you get noticed and your car gets sold.

✔ STAND OUT FROM THE REST! Designed and sold in the USA, with over 15 years of Automotive Product experience this proven design is sure to get attention to your vehicle.

🌞 DUAL PURPOSE SUNSHADE! Show that you care about the interior quality of your car. The For Sale Shade is also a high quality sunshade that will keep harmful UV rays from damaging the interior of your vehicle. Not quite ready to sell yet? Flip the For Sale Shade over and have the silver side showing, while still protecting your Vehicle.